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===Meister Eckart

The Scriptures say of human beings that there is an outward man and along with him an inner man. To the outward man belong those things that depend on the soul, but are connected with the flesh and are blended with it, and the co-operative functions of the several members, such as the eye, the ear, the tongue, the hand and so on. The Scripture speaks of all this as the old man, the earthy man, the outward person, the enemy, the servant. Within us all is the other person, the inner man, whom the Scripture calls the new man, the heavenly man, the young person, the friend, the aristocrat." (PP)

The following diverges from the main page. Use with this in mind.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness arises at the point where sufficient consciousness intensifies enabling the newly formed Intensification of Consciousness (Monad) to experience a qualitative difference (Eye+I+Will) in perception (Eye), perspective (I) and interaction with the Fabric (will). This qualitative difference brings about the realization of being different from the surroundings - thereby creating the Self.


The qualitative difference of the Eye comes about due to heightened "sensitivity" relative to Ain. More awareness means more "power"/capacity of observation.


The qualitative difference of the I comes about due to a heightened sense of identity. This sense of identity emerges due to a newfound sense of perspective. The Intensification of Consciousness must be intensified "somewhere". Thus, the "place" it is intensified at, represents the perspective it has on the entire Fabric of Consciousness, thereby giving it a position relative to the rest of the Fabric. By virtue of this position, I emerges. Analogously to "Eye", more awareness means more realization of its position within the Fabric.


The qualitative difference of the will comes about due to a change in the interaction between the Fabric and the Intensification of Consciousness (the newly created monad). Since the Fabric fulfils the wishes of the Monads directly, literally and immediately (see BOLVI), this changes the interaction between the Fabric and the newly created Monad. The wish is fulfiled faster, with more force, and more authority. Will and Authority are strongly correlated.