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Drums, when used in the context of Shamanic Drumming, are a Connection Appliance.

List of Connection Appliances

Connection Appliance > Archetype Deck, Bible, Drums, Guardian Boards, Quartz Crystals, Sacred Stones, Spirit Lodge, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck, Triumph of Spirit Archetype System


Michael Drake presents drumming as a practice capable of inducing a "transcendent state of unity consciousness" where one becomes a Hollow Bone, an individual who has or can enter a trance state "without their personal ego. This non-ego hollowness makes a way for Spirit to use them as a healing tool. In this way, the shaman is a channel for higher consciousness."[1]

Michael Drake suggests a tempo of three to four beats per second. "Focus your attention on the sound of the drum, thereby stilling the chatter in your mind. Allow the drum to empty you - become one with the drum."[2]

Further Reading

Drumming the Hollow Bone


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