Root Races

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According to some, Root Races represent the individual evolutionary stages of humanity through which the species passes on its way to an advanced and utopian future.


Rudolph Steiner

According to Rudolph Steiner there are seven root races, the Lemurian Root Race, the Atlantean Root Race, our current Aryan Root Race, and two that come before, and two that come after, the three named above, for a total of seven altogether.[1]

According to Steiner, each Root Race contains seven subraces. Thus we have 7x7.

In the beginning of a period identified with a root race, its principal characteristics are in a youthful condition; slowly they attain maturity and finally enter a decline. The population of a root race is thereby divided into seven sub-races. But one must not imagine that one subrace immediately disappears when a new one develops. Each one may maintain itself for a long time while others are developing beside it. Thus there are always populations which show different stages of development living beside each other on earth.[2]

The concept of root races is extremely racist, and biologically ignorant. Below, Steiner speaks of the "savage" Lemurians. Note these primitive, student savages still exist today, presumably in the native and indigenous populations of the world.

The ancestors of the Atlanteans lived in a region which has disappeared, the main part of which lay south of contemporary Asia. In theosophical writings they are called the Lemurians. After they had passed through various stages of development the greatest part of them declined. These became stunted men, whose descendants still inhabit certain parts of the earth today as so-called savage tribes. Only a small part of Lemurian humanity was capable of further development. From this part the Atlanteans were formed.[3]

Many savage tribes must be considered to be the degenerated descendants of human forms which were once more highly developed. They did not sink to the level of animalism, but only to that of savagery.[4]

Note, this notion of Root Races has been around a long time and could easily have provided the kindling that motivated the cultural (and physical) genocide carried about by colonizing Europeans, Nazi SS, and other self-styled representatives of the so-called Aryan Root Race.


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