Developmental Tasks

Developmental Tasks are the physical, emotional, and intellectual milestones a developing Physical Unit must achieve in order to attain full maturity. Development tasks include things like muscle strength and coordination, emotional security, positive (and internally supported) self-esteem, and so on.

More than any other physical form alive on this planet, the human physical unit is absolutely dependent on external support for the achievement of its developmental tasks. The human physical unit cannot even wipe its own ass, much less survive, without the parental and social support of those around it. This fact has important implications not only for the amount and quality of parental and social support, but for the orientation psychologists take towards understanding human development. To be blunt Psychology needs to put aside its primary focus on the individual and incorporate far more Sociology into its theory and practice. Failing that shift, Psychology will continue to be little more than and impotent and ineffective apologist for the status quo.

Developmental Tasks

  • a forthcoming enumeration of developmental tasks

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