Cosmic Memory

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The book Cosmic Memory by Rudolf Steiner is an early Theosophical Book of Life. It is a document constructed via focussed Connection to The Fabric of Consciousness.


The following concepts are used by and/or defined by Steiner in the book.

Akasha Chronicle, Atlantis, Initiate, Superhumans


Steiner suggests he is accessing the Akasha Chronicle to write the book.

"The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity" suggested by Steiner as the English title for the translation of this book.

Benefits of the science of spirit "When correctly understood, the truths of the science of the spirit will give man [sic] a true foundation for his life, will let him recognize his value, his dignity, and his essence, and will give him the highest zest for living. For these truths enlighten him about his connection with the world around him; they show him his highest goals, his true destiny. And they do this in a way which corresponds to the demands of the present, so that he need not remain caught in the contradiction between belief and knowledge."

Wrote the book not only as a philosophy/cosmology, but also as a Connection Manual. Steiner stressed repeatedly that a book on the science of the spirit does not exist only for the purpose of conveying information to the reader. With painstaking effort, he elaborated his books in such a manner that while the reader receives certain information from the pages, he also experiences a kind of awakening of spiritual life within himself. Steiner describes this awakening as "... an experiencing with inner shocks, tensions and resolutions."