Old Earth

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The Old Earth is the violent, disjunctive, and toxic Earth we all currently suffer through. The Old Earth is characterized by greed, inequality, violence, suffering, disregard, materialism, and woe. The Old Earth is being gradually replaced by a New Earth and a new Divine World Order.


The old earth is the disjunctive and toxic social, institutional, psychological, and spiritual conditions that manifest while Bodily Consciousness is driven by Old Energy Archetypes and the Master Story.

Old Earth social arrangements are characterized by emphasis on conformity and social control.

Old Earth Institutions are characterized by hierarchy, exclusion, inequality.

Under Old Earth psychology, humans experience suffering, anguish, neurosis, psychosis, and in the worst of cases total psychopathy.

Old Earth spirituality contains stories of conflict, control, obedience, servitude.

Old Earth may be contrasted with New Earth.

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