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An '''Agent of Consciousness''' is an [[Special:MyLanguage/Agent of Socialization|Agent of Socialization]] whose specific purpose is to insert ideas and [[Special:MyLanguage/Archetypes|Archetypes]] into the individual and [[Special:MyLanguage/Collective Consciousness|Collective Consciousness]] of this planet. Agents of Consciousness help implant/propagate specific [[Creation Template|Creation Templates]]. Agents of consciousness include parents, teachers, movie producers, directors, actors, editors, and all agents whose job it is to help, either directly or indirectly, propagate the archetypes of a creation template.
The phrase Agents of Consciousness may refer to individuals or the institutions they work for. Institutional agents of consciousness include Hollywood, the media, the school system, religious organizations, and the families we grow up in. Indivdual agents include the writers, directors, advertising agents, school teachers, parents, news reporters, university professors, and others who work in the institutions.
Agents of Consciousness may insert [[Old Energy Archetypes]] or [[New Energy Archetypes]]
Agents of Consciousness may be more or less aware of the nature and purpose of the work they do.
Agents of Consciousness may wittingly or unwittingly service [[Special:MyLanguage/The System|The System]] by inserting [[Special:MyLanguage/Old Energy Archetypes|Old Energy Archetypes]] into the collective consciousness of this planet.
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