Mundane Stories

A Mundane Story is a story that, unlike Sacred Story, deals with the common (and sometimes not-so-common) issues of 3D existence like relationships, taxes, misfortune, successes, failures, hopes, dreams, triumphs, difficult moments, weddings, funerals, politics, sexual abuse, etc.

Mundane Stories, like all stories, are often used to teach. Mundane stories often carry messages of advice, consolation, and even warning. Of course, not all mundane stories teach. Some exist "merely" to entertain and amuse.

Although mundane stories are generally less consistently told than sacred stories, and thus less likely to become part of a Creative Template, nevertheless they can become embedded into the Collective Consciousness of the planet (or of specific groups) just as sacred stories. Typically, this occurs when the messages of the mundane stories are widely accepted by members of a Creative Grouping. When enough people in a Creative Grouping hear and accept a particular story, it may imprint into the Collective Consciousness and become part of the Creative Template of a particular Creative Grouping.