The word Grok (literally "to drink") is a word coined by science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein in his book Stranger in a Strange Land to indicate the deep understanding that comes from merging yourself with some other thing of interest.

As one character from Heinlein's novel says:

'Grok' means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed - to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science - and it means as little to us (because we are from Earth) as color means to a blind man.


On the LP, grok may be used to refer to a sudden deepening of understanding that comes when the bodily ego successfully downloads aspects of higher consciousness and merges these into its cognitive/emotional rubrics. Grok represent the experience of full Awareness that comes when Bodily Ego makes a strong (even if temporary) Connection to Consciousness.

Grok is a step above and beyond mere Enlightenment

Sanskrit: सम्यक्सम्बोध (samyaksambodha)-> complete enlightenment. Or, व्यक्तदर्शनम (vyaktadarzana) -> one who has attained right knowledge.

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