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Brainwashing is the involuntary and nefarious programming of the human brain with information designed to lead to specified thought patterns. Brainwashing occurs when one individual or group of individuals seek to manage and control another individual. By specifying patterns of thought, behavioural responses can be more easily managed and controlled.

There are multiple mechanism available to those wishing to brainwash others. The simplest and most effective mechanism for brainwashing is simple repetition. This is the mechanism utilized by the school system, the media, and parents as they create the archetypes that control and organize our thinking process (gender, democracy, individualism, communism, etc.). Repetition is most effective when the physical unit is young, undeveloped, and does not have the intellectual sophistication to be able to defend against the external imposition of controlling ideas.

When the physical unit is fully developed, repetition will work unless the individual is alerted to the process, and or disagrees with the underlying agenda. For example, it is very easy to reinforce Catholic indoctrination with fully developed adult individuals who agree with the general principles of good, evil, salvation, and exclusion of the unworthy that underpin Catholic doctrine. However a fully developed physical unit that has rejected the basic principles of Christianity will no longer be receptive to ideas or susceptible to the repetition of prayer, ritual, and mass.

Violent mechanisms of brainwashing are available in those cases where the physical unit has developed more fully or when it no longer accepts established definitions of reality. Military institutions, for example, re-program (or refine programming already in place) physical units by undermining psychological resistance through mental and physical exhaustion, and focused attacks on the unit's Bodily Ego. Social punishment (job loss, poverty, social exclusion, etc.) may also be used to undermine resistance and/or punish those who do not comply.

The process of brainwashing is critical to the operation of hierarchically organized societies where the natural egalitarian and equalitarian nature of spiritual monads incarnated into physical units must be erased and replaced with structures supportive of hierarchy, inequality, and exclusion.

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