Basic Perinatal Matrix IV

Basic Perinatal Matrix IV: Termination of the Symbiotic Union and Formation of a New Type of Relationship

The feeling of suffocation is over as oxygen is plentiful. The respiratory system is clear and clean and the enfant is beginning an independent existence from his or her mother. Physiological balance is achieved with many new and replenished sources of comfort in the new situation; however, biological needs are not satisfied consistently or immediately. New external factors, such as noise and lights, pose anxiety to invent new coping methods. This gives arise to ego death. The term ego death refers to the feeling of becoming an inevitable failure in life.

Positive Experiences during Intrauterine Development: The self is exploding with feelings of freedom, salvation, love and mercy. The person feels purified from foreign chemicals and negative emotions. Similar to Basic Perinatal Matrix I, feelings of unity with the earth are prevalent. The conscious perceives that a ruthless dictator has been overthrown. The end of a devastating war and surviving during natural catastrophes allows for relief. Nature scenes consist of blossoms and arriving of summer to represent victory.

Negative Experiences during Intrauterine Development: In the new world, homeostasis can suddenly be disrupted by sudden pains starting where the umbilical cord was cut and extend into reproductive organs. This striking pain can be followed by breathing problems, panic, and discomfort in the genitals.

Healthy Adult Personality Structures: The central focus of memories is on celebrating triumph from war and disease. If an individual comes to consciousness during this stage, amazingly, psychopathologies especially those of mood disorders improve greatly. The individual has an actualization and feels motivated to change current conditions to begin a healthier living pattern, which improves biological, physical, and psychological processes. A strong focus is on natural landscapes that represent new beginnings such as the sunset and spring.

Physical or Psychological Trauma: Rejoice in religious and mystical beliefs can create delusions of religious references as seen in schizophrenic categories.


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