Analogue Process

An Analogue Process is a process or feature of creation that is a reflection of a process, or feature, of creation at a "higher" level. Several analog processes exist including:

* Breathing - Breathing is an analogue process and reflects the in and out breaths of The Unfolding of the Fabric. 
* Sex, and the birth that follows. Sex and birth is an an analogue process and reminds us of the orgasmic entry of consciousness into consciousness that occurred at the end of the Second Creation, and that resulted in the "birth" of the physical universe.  
* Rebirth - Rebirth of children is also an analogue process. The re-birth process that we all experience is an analogue process of the original process of death and rebirth that occurred at the end of the First Creation. 

Please note that analogue processes are sacred processes and one should ideally be mindful of the truths they reflect whenever one experiences them. Parents watching the birth of their children, people having sex, people breathing in an out, should understand and be aware that these are re-enactments of sacred aspects of creation. Being aware and mindful of the connection will, among other things, help bring the consciousness of the physical unit, and the “little ego” into alignment with the Resident Monadic Consciousness.

The analogue processes of creation are discussed in volume one and two of The Book of Light.

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