Healing is the process of repairing physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage incurred by the Physical Unit, either accidentally or as a consequence of this planet's Toxic Socialization process. Healing restores the Physical Unit to a condition of health, Alignment, and Connection.

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Syncretic Terms Healing

Healing > Caring Moment, Healing Moment

Healing Outcomes

Emotional Cleansing, Emotional Satisfaction

List of Healing Practices

This is a list of healing practices.

Healing Practice > ACT Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology, Spirit Canoe


Healing is one aspect of Authentic Spirituality. All authentic religions, all authentic spiritual practices whether they be institutionalized or indigenous, modern or ancient, concern themselves with healing.

Healing is a common outcome of authentic Connection. "Such transpersonal states can have a very beneficial transformative influence on the recipients and their lives. They can alleviate various forms of emotional and psychosomatic disorders, as well as difficulties in interpersonal relationships. They can also reduce aggressive tendencies, improve self-image, increase tolerance towards others, and enhance the general quality of life. Among the positive aftereffecs is often a deep sense of connection with other people and nature."[1]

Shamanism, as practiced in ancient and modern times, revolves around the healing power of connection and connection supplements. Krippner provides an interesting survey of healing practices in various contexts, and by various actors, including shamans, priests, mediums, sorceres, witches, and the like.[2] For more, see the page on Shamans

Healing, whether that be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual, is a critical and pervasive component of all Authentic Spirituality. It is central to traditional Sioux spirituality[3], a key component of Alcoholics Anonymous,[4] which is traditionally deeply spiritual[5]...

Meredith McGuire points to several studies where Connection and Connection Experience have led to significant personal healing, mostly conceptualized superstitiously as attunement to agencies responsive to human communication.[6]

Connection often leads to significant, even miraculous, healing. Bill Wilson recounts the Connection Experience that cured him of his alcoholism and activated him to create Alcoholics Anonymous. He notes that after the experience, one of his unmet needs, the need to feel love and belong, was instantly met. [7]

St. Teresa of Avila speaks of the healing power of connection:

God does not allow us to drink of this water of perfect contemplation whenever we like: the choice is not ours; this Divine union is something quite supernatural, given that it may cleanse the soul and leave it pure and free from the mud and misery in which it has been plunged because of its sins.[8]

Bobbi Parish notes that the "spiritual discoveries...and the self-esteem they gained [from Connection Practice was healing in ways standard therapy had not been."[9]

Deloria speaks of the centrality of healing practices in indigenous religions and notes that "the healing disciplines came originally from religious beliefs and ...practices."[10]

The LP HEALING Framework offers a framework understanding the core issues of the healing process.

Advanced Healing Practices are practices that take into account the significance and importance of Consciousness and Connection to the healing process.

Integral Medicine, Transpersonal Nursing


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