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The Connection Duration of a Connection Event may vary between a few seconds to Permanent Connection.

Permanent Connection is the ultimate goal of every authentic spirituality.

Duration Parameters

The duration of a Connection Event correlates with several parameters.

Correlation with Intensity

The duration is inversely proportional to the intensity of the Connection Event. Thus, the higher the intensity, the more probable it is that the Connection Event is shorter and vice versa. A relatively "soft" Connection Event may endure longer than a highly intense one.

There are several reasons for this:

a) A Connection Event with high intensity creates a huge amount of stress for the body. In an attempt to reduce the stress level, the body might try to terminate the Connection Event, or at least reduce its intensity level considerably.

b) A Connection Event with high intensity may create intense unease for the PU, as well as for the RMC. While the PU "naturally" pushes away the RMC (due to internal psychological mechanisms such as ARM's - truth be told, it is not that "natural", if we consider the suboptimal conditioning of the PU and how and why it tries to push away the RMC. But, it is natural insofar the PU attempts to maximize its survival, by minimizing stress, avoiding pain, and entering states that are known and (in its opinion) pleasurable/ok.). Interestingly, the RMC will also want to avoid an unpleasurable experience that is furthermore potentially dangerous for its PU. Thus, the Connection Event is prone to be of short duration.

c) A Connection Event with high intensity increases the chances of inflicting fear into the PU considerably. Fear is the connection inhibitor par excellance. As soon as fear kicks in, (with some exceptions) the Connection Event is terminated.

Correlation with Genuine Self Esteem

The duration of a Connection Even is inversely proportional to the "amount" of Genuine Self Esteem the individual possesses.

This relates to intense as well as less intense Connection Events, as it reduces the duration in both cases.

Correlation with the Quality of the Connection Event

Other factors

Content of Conditioning of the PU


Fear terminates the Connection Event imidiatelly.


If the RMC has a higher purpose for forcing a connection, it will do so, overpowering the previously mentioned parameters.

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