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The Book of Light

The multi volume Book of Light represents the complete cosmology and theology of Michael Sharp. The Book of Light expounds upon, in a simple and grounded style, the nature of God, the nature and purpose of Creation, and the multidimensional Unfolding that is Creation as we know it. The Book of Light is the cosmological and theological foundation of The Lightning Path.

Volume One Air

The Book of Light Volume One

Volume One of the Book of Light deals with the emergence of monadic awareness (the I AM presence), The Unfolding of Consciousness, and the emergence of a multi-dimensional, multi-nodal Fabric of Creation. Volume One provides an accounting of The Unfolding up to, but not including, and explication of the The Watershed of Creation

Volume One of The Book of Light introduces the following Core Spiritual Concepts including:

Volume One of The Book of Light is available as a free download by visiting the Lightning Path Press Page of Light

Volume Two Water

The Book of Light Volume One

Volume Two of the Book of Light deals with the the real beginning of creation, the intensification of consciousness, initiation, and the post-Watershed Unfolding of Creation. Volume two begins the process of integrating a mystical/spiritual view of creation, with a rational/scientific view. Physical creation from the Big Bang through Inflation to the Cosmic Dark Ages is accounted for.

Volume Two includes the introduction of several novel and original spiritual concepts including:

  • Intensification of Consciousness
  • Initiation
  • Cosmic Orgasm
  • The Point of Separation
  • The Fundamental Views of Creation
  • The Fundamental Factors of Creation
  • The First Creation / The Second Creation
  • The Watershed of Creation
  • The Multidimensional Universe
  • The Creative Moment
  • The dawn of the dimensions of creation, including time, space, and chance
  • Daath
  • God the Potter Perspective
  • The Big Bang, Flood, Inflation, Recombination/Tuning, the Dark Ages/Orchestration, the Music of the Spheres, the cosmic Dance of Creation
  • Egoic separation

The Book of Light Volume Two is currently available as an eBook only from the Lightning Path Press. Purchase by visiting the Lightning Path Press Page of Light

Volume Three Fire

e.s.t. June 2014

Volume Four Earth

e.s.t. Late 2014.