Triumph of Spirit Archetype System

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The Triumph of Spirit Archetype System is set of New Energy Archetype Cards designed to help individuals explore and disseminate New Energy Archetypes. The archetype system is implemented in visual form via the Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck.

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The TOSAS is a Connection Appliance and Healing Appliance.

TOSAS provides a clear and complete break with the Masonic Tarot. This is not the first attempt to create such a break, though it is the politically sophisticated attempt. The Tarot for the Aquarian Age from 1962 was one such attempt. "This Tarot was obtained, according to the authors, from an unnamed source referred to only as “One,” through the Ouija board, in a series of sessions involving a group of four persons and lasting several months in 1962.... In the Aquarian Tarot each of the twenty-two cards, with a new image and new name, is regarded as a progression from a corresponding card of the old deck. The reason for the progression is said to be first, to rescue the Tarot sym­bols from their degenerate use as fortune-telling cards, and secondly, because we are entering a new phase, the Aquarian phase, of the cycle of human evolution-in-consciousness and new sym­bols are called for." "[1]

TOSAS Archetypes

You can browse the various TOSAS archetypes below.

Activation Archetype, Alignment Archetype, Calling Archetype, Connection Archetype, Emancipation Archetype, Force Archetype, Formation Archetype, Graduation Archetype, Initiation Archetype, Joyful Archetype, Lightworker Archetype, Master Archetype, Passage Archetype, Power Archetype, Realization Archetype, Rebirth Archetype, Sacrifice Archetype, Star Archetype, Strength Archetype, The Promise Archetype, Victory Archetype, World Archetype

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