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Wrong Thought is thought that confuses us and disconnects us from our own higher Consciousness. Wrong thought may prevent connection by a) encouraging ineffective practices, b) seeding confusion and disorientation, c) sowing fear, or d) encouraging the Bodily Ego to actively resist Consciousness and Connection.


Wrong thought includes Spiritual Ideology.

Wrong thought can be “accidental” or it can be intentional. Accidental wrong thought occurs when we accidentally get the wrong idea in our head, and then accidentally stick with that wrong idea for years, even when it is clearly causing us grief, pain, and disconnection.

Accidental wrong thought happens, but more likely wrong thought enters into your head because it has been “seeded” by groups intent on reducing the transformative/revolutionary potential of connection to Consciousness. One example of this seeding is the modern Tarot deck which was created in the elite circles during the Industrial Revolution as a way to control the spirituality of both the elites and the masses.

Further Reading

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