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Caution. This article/definition is in draft form and at this time may constitute no more than rough notes, reminders for required content, or absolutely nothing at all. Content is subject to revision.

Wrong environment is an environment that is toxic to, and that undermines, Connection.


Toxic and Violent

Wrong environments are negative, toxic, violent, abusive, and chaotic environments. Wrong environments are environments where you are subjected to emotional, psychological, spiritual, or physical assault. Wrong environments are environments where you cannot totally relax because you are not completely safe. Wrong environments are environments where others manipulate and exploit you. Wrong environments make you sick, undermine your psychological and emotional integrity, and make connection extremely difficult.

The LP offers a "How toxic is my world" survey instrument which you can use to think about and assess the toxicity in your environment

The LP offers a "Chaos Survey " which you can use to assess the level of chaos in your home, school, and workplace environments.

Chronic Neglect

Wrong environments are also characterized by chronic, and often severe, neglect of needs.

The LP offers a "Are your needs being met?" survey to help you assess levels of need satisfaction and neglect in your own life.

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