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The Turn to the Left is an outcome of connection. It is a form of Activation whereby the individual instantly develops more progressive political, social, economic, and spiritual values (i.e. "left wing" values). The Turn to the Left is typically associated with Activation and is thus a syncretic term for it. [1]

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Thomas Merton experienced a significant turn to the left following his Connection Experiences. "Merton too on social issues--writing, for example, on civil rights and against racism--long before such things were fashionable. His outlook struck a chord. Eldridge Cleaver, the former Black Panther leader and author of Soul on Ice, noted that no white man wrote with such a sympathetic eye on the plight and poignancy of Harlem as Merton Did." [2]

Mike Sosteric described the case of Las Casas, a brutal Spanish colonizers who, after a brief Connection Experience, rejected his country's barbarous exploitation of slaves and instead worked politically to end the practice.[3]. Sosteric calls this the Turn to the Left


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