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The term The Veil is used to describe the limitation of Consciousness that we incur while subject to the limitations caused by the imposition of Old Energy Archetypes (Sharp, 2006b). While "beneath The Veil" we are disconnected from Source/Consciousness and we live in Darkness. While in Darkness we stumble and are easily kept from full understanding of our true nature as Divine Intensifications within a glorious Fabric of Consciousness

In Christianity the concept of The Veil appears in the gospels (Matthew 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45) where it is written that the curtain/Veil of the Temple was torn asunder.

In Christian/Judaic context the concept is used to represent the separation (i.e. dis-Connection) between the Holy of Holies (i.e. The Fabric of Consciousness) and Creation. Note that in Christian/Judaic context access to Consciousness as it exists behind The Veil was given only to a High Priest, and only on Yom Kippur (a.k.a.Day of Atonement).

In the Masonic Tarot The Veil is represented on the High Priestess card. In this card access to the Waters of Consciousness behind The Veil are provided only those who follow Torah.

The concept of The Veil may be used interchangeably with The Lightning Path specific notions of Disconnection and/or The Blindfold.

As explained in The Book of Life, humans were intentionally disconnected from Consciousness during the Atlantean Epoch in order to faciliate The Great Work.

Destruction of The Veil (i.e. removal of The Blindfold and emancipation of Consciousness) is the stated goal of The Lightning Path.

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