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The Family is a term coined by Michael Sharp (Sharp, RSGME) to refer to the ruling classes of this planet. These are the people who own and manage the planet's productive apparatus, it's resources, its media systems, school systems, religious and spiritual systems, and so on. They are the ones who, for the most part, set the agenda of this planet. The ruling classes can be referred to as The Family in as much as they share the same goals and values, are intlinked through their communication networks, and all participate int heir interconnected hierarchies of control and exclusion


Considerable effort is placed into the proper socialization of elites. In order to the ruling classes to operate efficiently elites must, for the most part, think the same. In order to ensure that, elite children are socialized into separate school systems which the general public cannot afford (thereby separating the classes from an early age and ensuring "proper" upbringing). Elites also belong to expensive clubs where they hob-knob with other elites and where their Primary Socialization is reinforced. In addition the elites (PTB) have their own clubs, their own restaurants, their own magazines, etc.

Elite socialization does not end with the termination of their formal career. Many "secret boys clubs" exist in the world whose sole reason for existence is to reinforce and extend primary socialization and (perhaps more importantly) to reward proper behavior. Elite boys clubs are organized hierarchically with lower level clubs like the Freemasons being used to screen individuals for uptake into higher level organizations. While in these clubs the boys make "connections" and network with powerful individual who can (and will) offer considerable special treatment to boys who are in good standing and who show "promise" (i.e. who seem willing to submit and carry on the ideas and traditions which ensure continuation of elites structures of domination and control)

Members of the secret boys clubs also learn a particular set of "power based" archetypes (see The Book of the Triumph of Spirit for an elaboration of Book of Power archetypes). These archetypes reinforce their belief that they are "special" and that they have a "right" to manage and control the resources and people. These Book of Power archetypes often include statements that absolve individuals of responsibility for horrible actions. Statements to the effect that "It is god's will that bad things happen" or "this is the way of evolution" or "pain and suffering is an evolutionary motivator" are often heard. In this way managers who pollute, steal, or harm innocent people and children can sleep easy knowing that the harm they cause is not the result of the selfish action of greedy people but instead "has a higher purpose."

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