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Healthy fully functioning physical unit

"Ideally one wishes to manifest inside a fully developed, healthy, and fully functioning physical unit. Toxic Socialization and a violent and abusive system prevent proper development and damage the physical unit. Damage occurs to the PU through accidental or deliberate trauma, abuse, and neglect"

Hi Michael, I think this part needs more explanation regarding physical disabilities. Are you saying all birth defects are accidental trauma? What about genetic abnormalities? And you say, ideally one wants a fully functioning PU....I don't think that is always true. I imagine that some souls want an experience of life that is different from ideal and may accept a disability like physical blindness, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy etc. When these kinds of impairments occur, the body's systems are remarkably resilient and compensations and substitutions occur, there is much experience to be gained when living a life with physical impairments. I really feel that experience, and God's desire for experience trumps any " ideal" we have.