Resident Monadic Consciousness

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The Resident Monadic Consciousness (RMC) (also Animating Monadic Consciousness, Resident Monadic Self, higher "I", Higher Self,True Self, etc.) is a term coined by Michael Sharp to refer to the principal monadic occupant of the Physical Unit. The RMC is the monadic "owner" of the Physical Unit and as such is what animates the Physical Unit.


Use the term Resident Monadic Consciousness when you wish to emphasize the distinction between the individual monad and the Fabric of Consciousness within which it is embedded. Use the term Resident Monadic Self to emphasize the individual/egoic nature of the incarnated monad.

Ownership of the physical unit is usually undertaken at conception; however, exchanges (though extremely rare) can occur. Exchanges can be permanent, as is the case when the original owner is replaced (always with the consent of the original owner!) with a new owner, or temporary as is the case of trance channels.

Note, the "higher I" of the physical unit is pure and unadulterated Consciousness; it is not permanently or significantly effected by the "darkness" of existence on this Earth. The RMC does, however, require a healthy and whole physical unit in order to properly express in body. Any sort of mental, emotional, or physical damage to the physical unit attenuates and corrupts the expression of consciousness through the body.


In general, the purpose of Consciousness is to explore and create in a state that is fully connected to, and fully expressive of, Consciousness. RMCs thus incarnate into a physical body to explore, create, and express "within" physical creation. Note, RMCs 'do not incarnate to learn lessons, prove worth, or evolve. By nature RMCs are already pristine, pure, and powerful expressions of Consciousness; they are also ancient, experienced, and thus require no additional "work" to perfect. The primary focus should instead be on the physical unit. RMCs incarnate to create and express, but they can only do this in a healthy and fully developed physical body and mind (i.e. Physical Unit. Providing a healthy and fully developed physical unit for each newly incarnated RMC is the primary and nonnegotiable purpose of those who "receive" the newly born. Primary responsibility goes to parents teachers, coaches, and so on; but, CEOs, media, politicians, lawyers, and society in general share in the responsibility as well.


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