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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[Transcendent Prophecy]] | [[Probabilistic Prophecy]] | [[Mundane Prophecy]] | [[Spiritual Prophecy]]

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A Prophecy is a statement regarding the specific space-time location where Ascension is expected to occur (Sharp, BOLIFE).

See Also

Transcendent Prophecy | Probabilistic Prophecy | Mundane Prophecy | Spiritual Prophecy


A Prophet is an individual who claims to provide, or is widely regarded as providing, accurate/authoritative estimates as to the timing of ascension. Nostradamus is one individual regarded by many as a prophet.

Nostradamus, a medieval priest, was confused by what he saw. As a result, his prophecies are confused and, consequently, useful only as a tool to confuse.

As noted in Sharp (BOLIFE), there are two types of prophecy, probabilistic prophecy and transcendent prophecy.

The full nature, and the mechanics of, prophecy are discussed in Sharp (BOLIFE).

Further Reading

Sharp, Michael (BOLIFE). The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order