Internal Resistance

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Internal Resistance is resistance to Awakening and Activation caused your own confusion, guilt, shame, self-deprecating thoughts, or other negative emotions triggered when you begin to truly awaken to reality. Internal resistance can cause an individual to resist and shut down Connection.

Related LP Terms

Internal Resistance > External Resistance

Non-LP Related Terms

Internal Resistance > Chakras


Internal resistance is the internal chatter that keeps us impotent and disempowered by telling us we are stupid, weak, worthless, and incapable.[1][2] [3]

Internal Resistance arises as the result of damaged Bodily Ego (damaged self-esteem, self-doubt), Wrong Thought, and toxic environments that overwhelm one's ability to see a way forward. Damaged is caused, and indoctrination accomplished, via a violent and neglectful Toxic Socialization socialization process.


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