Higher Self

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Tree of Consciousness

Higher Self

In Old World Spirituality we often hear reference to something called the "higher self" of an individual. Although a lot has been written on it, it's not a difficult concept to understand. The "higher self" is merely that part of your full consciousness (i.e., your monadic spark), which has not, for whatever reason, been made into the body/mind unit.

As explained in the book The Great Awakening, under normal conditions only about 10% of your consciousness enters into your body. Therefore, under "normal conditions" your higher self represents as much as 90% of the full awareness and potential of your monadic spark.

As explained in the book, 'The Great Awakening, this can be changed via simple intent. That is, you can undertake to increase the "percentage of consciousness" that resides in your body. When you do this, when you increase your Consciousness Quotient from say 10% to 15%, you are "filling up" your body (i.e., The Temple) with your consciousness. It's a very straightforward and easy to understand process.

This process of "filling up" the container is represented in Old World Spirituality as enlightenment, salvation, the attainment of nirvana, etc. In New World Spirituality we conceive of this as awakening.

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