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<blockquote class="definition">The '''Fight, Flight, or Follow''' response is a physiological [[Defence Mechanisms]] autonomically deployed by the [[Physical Unit]] when it perceives a harmful event, attack, or threat to its survival. When the body perceives a threat it may fight to put the threat down, flee from the threat, or submit.<ref>Sosteric, Mike, and Gina Ratkovic. “Fight, Flight, or Follow: Notes on an ‘Invisible’ Adaption.” Socjourn (blog), 2019. https://www.academia.edu/39614512/Fight_Flight_or_Follow</ref>
#REDIRECT [[Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn]]
==List of Defense Mechanisms==
[[Defence Mechanisms]] > {{#ask:[[Is a::Defence Mechanism]]}}
==Related Terms==
[[Defense Mechanisms]] > {{#ask:[[Is a related term::Defense Mechanism]]}}
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