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Consciousness is the root of all things (Sharp, BOLVI).

Consciousness is all things.

Consciousness is in all things.

Consciousness is awareness pure and simple (Sharp, BOLVI).

Consciousness | ( Structure of Consciousness | Levels of Consciousness)

Syncretic Terms

Atman (आत्मन्) / parAtman परात्मन्, Augoeides, Holy Spirit, Intensification of Consciousness, Monad, Monadic Intensification, Ohr, Resident Monadic Consciousness, Self, spirit, Super Ego, immortal spirit, Spiritual Ego, Soul, Inner-Self, Higher Self, True Self, The Witness, etc.


Levels of Consciousness

Difference between Undifferentiated Consciousness (UC), Differentiated Consciousness (DC), and Emanating Consciousness (EC) (thanks to Andrei Arba for helping develop)

Consciousness | ( Structure of Consciousness | Levels of Consciousness)


Consciousness/God ([[God|God with a big "G"] / परब्रह्मन् (parabrahman) / Ain Soph Aur / Supramental Mind / पुरुष puruSa)
Consciousness/Power (Supreme Puissance)
Consciousness/Formation (शक्ति)
":Consciousness/Divine Feminine
Consciousness/Joy (आनन्द)
Consciousness/Self (Resident Monadic Self)

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