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A Connection Practice (a.k.a. Connection Technique) is any technique, such as meditation, mantras, relaxation, mindfulness, drumming, fasting, hypoventilation (Dole & Kiven, 1997), etc., that can a) open and enhance your connection to Consciousness/Highest Self and b) enable better control of the Flow that ensues.

List of Connection Practices

This is an intercultural list of connection practices. Research is included where available.

Connection Practice > Hypnotism, Mysticism of the Historical Event

Syncretic Terms

Connection Practice > Spiritual Exercises, Technologies of the Sacred


Connection Practices combined with Connection Appliances like the TOSAS.

The careful and guided use of Connection Supplements can facilitate connection practice.

The Lightning Path provides several neurolinguistic tools (i.e. meditations, visualization, and mantras) [1] that can be used at various stages in the process to facilitate greater connection.

Grof uses the term "Technologies of the Sacred" to refer to Connection Practices (drumming, fasting, sleep deprivation, etc.), Connection Appliances (drums, rattles), and Connection Supplements (Lazslo, Groff, Russell, 1999: 16).

Further Reading

Sharp, Michael. The Great Awakening: Concepts and Techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice. Lightning Path Press.