Connection Intensity

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Connection Intensity

Intuitive Glimmerings

Einstein nodded: he was a good listener. After a pause he said, "The cosmic man must be restored, the whole man who is made in the image and likeness of the arch-force, which you may call God. This man thinks with his heart and not with party dogma. As I've explained before, there is an order in the universe – a cosmic order – and humans have the possibility of understanding these laws." Einstein leaned back in his chair; so did I,putting my writing pad on my knees. He added, "I have no doubt that the allies will win the war." I smiled, "Oh, you are my prophet again." Prophet or not," he scratched his head, "what I say is more often felt through intuition than thought through intellect. (Hermanns, 1930).

Peak Experience

Mystical Glimpse

Auditory/Visual "Hallucinations"

Posey TB, Losch ME. Auditory hallucinations of hearing voices in 375 subjects. Imagination Cogn Pers:19831984;3:99-113.

Mystical Vision

Permanent Union

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