Connection Experience

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Connection Experience (CE) is the Lightning Path term for mystical experiences.


Connection experiences may be understood neurologically, as what occurs when the Default Mode Network (otherwise known as the Bodily Ego of the individual's brain releases control and allows Consciousness to flow into the Physical Unit (Sosteric, SOA1). Release may occur naturally, under conditions of aligned safety, or it can be forced by exploiting powerful Connection Supplements.

A CE occurs when self makes a connection, becomes temporarily merged with, Self

See Also

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Syncretic Terms

Connection | Connection Event | Mystical Experience | Spiritual Experience | Peak Experience | Pure Consciousness Event | Religious Experience | Union (i.e. Union with God)

Further Reading

Sosteric, Mike (SOA1). The Science of Ascension: Mysticism, Consciousness, Connection. Unpublished Manuscript.

See Also

Connection | Connection Framework | Connection Technique | Connection Supplement | Connection Appliance | Connection Event | Connection Challenge | Connection Pathology | Connection Outcome, experience of the "Numinosum" (Jung, 1938: 6).