Wet Noodle Parenting

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"Wet Noodle Parenting is parenting that is limp and soggy, where life is absent of structure and discipline, and where guidance is slim or non-existent. Wet Noodle parents fail in their duty to provide structure, guidance, and discipline so their children and adolescents can grow up healthy and strong. Because they just don’t know how to create structure and discipline without resorting to various forms of violence, and sometimes out of guilt and shame, Wet Noodle parents abdicate their sacred duty. Wet Noodle Parenting, it should be said, is just as bad as Toxic Parenting, where parents use violence to control their children. As we have discovered with our third set of children, it is possible to provide structure, discipline, and guidance without resorting to violent toxic parenting." (WKBOOK2)

Further Reading

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