Thousand Petal Lotus of Spirit

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The Thousand Petal Lotus of Spirit (a.k.a. Crown Chakra) is the energy vortex which provides the "tone" and "frequency" necessary to support the development of the brain and parts of the central nervous system of the [Physical Unit]. It is the energies of the crown vortex that, when coupled with the participation of the higher self, manifests the physical organs of the brain and central nervous system.

Crown Chakra

Unrestricted crown energy flow is a necessary, but insufficient, condition for proper maturation of the neuronal apparatus of the physical unit. Proper nutrition, proper rest, and proper emotional, psychological, and social support are all necessary prerequisites to optimal Development. Determining optimal growth conditions of the crown chakra is the purview of Developmental Psychology and Developmental Sociology.

Right Environment

Toxic Environment

Right Expression

Toxic Expression

Toxic expression leads to misalignment, disjuncture, and Connection Pathology


When chakra energies are not repressed, the associated physical organs are in a state of continuous development. However, energetic atrophy of the crown chakra, and/or toxic environmental (emotional, social, chemical, etc.) assaults of the physical unit, can lead to restriction of energies, the subsequent cessation of development, and the eventual decay and degeneration of associated organs. Degenerative outcomes are particularily troubling in relation to the crown chakra.

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