The Mind

The Mind is a word used to refer to the thoughts generated in the physical brain as a result of the embrace of monadic consciousness. The mind (referred to in Freudian influenced psychology and, not coincidentally, esoterics as the "ego) is an "epiphenomena" of consciousness. The concept of mind/ego represents the "thoughts of the body" which are generated as spirit is "reflected" in the physical structures of the brain.


The ego/mind of the body may be termed Bodily Ego to distinguish it from its "source" in Spirit, the Spiritual Ego.

It is important to note that the bodily ego has no independent existence. If the Resident Monadic Consciousness exits the body, the source of the reflection is gone and the mind ceases to function. However, the supporting structures of the brain (the so called "primitive" or autonomic structures) can keep the body functioning indefinitely, in some cases.

It is also important to note that the "strength of the reflection" depends on the presence of monadic Consciousness in the body. The amount of consciousness is variable (Sharp, 2007) and the strength of the "reflection" will depend on the amount of consciousness contained by the Physical Unit.

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