Spiritual Maturity

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Spiritual maturity can be defined by a combination of two things. Somebody who is spiritually mature has a physical unit that is...

  • fully awakened
  • fully empowered.

...and is therefore capable of incorporating a full measure of Monadic Consciousness.

The process of spiritual maturation cannot be understood without reference to the Chakra System of the Physical Unit.

Someone who is fully awakened has a fully activated, functioning and mature crown chakra (e.g., brain). A mature brain will include a balanced developed of left and right hemispheres and complete connection and sophisticated approach to communications with The Fabric of Consciousness.

Someone who is fully empowered will have a fully activated chakra system (all seven main chakras) and an archetypal set that supports realization and manifestation of one's full creative power and divinity. Old world archetypes do not provide the requisite ideas and support.

It is important that you don't see awakening and empowerment as discrete states permanently attained. Awakening and empowerment are dependent on the condition of your physical unit. Past life trauma, childhood experiences, and the current environment (social, political, and economic) that you find yourself in can contribute to or deter your efforts to awaken and empower. If you live in adverse conditions, if you have not processed and clear trauma, if you are still sitting on deeply buried fears, you cannot attain full awakening or empowerment. Full awakening and empowerment requires a healed and healthy physical unit. Discovering the conditions that support full activation of the body's energy systems and full descent of consciousness into the body is the province of the social sciences and in particular developmental psychology.

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