Resurrection of Consciousness

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The Resurrection of Consciousness is a Christian/Masonic metaphor for Connection or Awakening. The Resurrection of Consciousness is visibly represented in the Masonic Judgment Card.

Syncretic Terms Awakening

Awakening as Union with Reality, Enlightenment, attainment of Buddha Mind, attainment of the Kingdom of God, Moksha, attainment of Christ Consciousness, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Descent of Consciousness, entry into the Holy of Holies, the Triumph of Spirit, removal of The Blindfold, piercing of The Veil, lifting of The Blindfold, Resurrection of Consciousness

Awakening > Clarification of Consciousness, Daigo, Epiphany, Gnosis, Illumination, Insight, Kensho, Resurrection of Consciousness, Revelation, Satori


Connection refers to the process of connecting your Bodily Ego/Bodily Consciousness up to its higher Consciousness.

Awakening is syncretic, and refers to the awakening that occurs when Consciousness expands into the body. This is just like waking up in the morning when consciousness returns to the body, only of a higher order.

The experience of bodily ego connecting to spiritual ego is expressed in the poem [I am/We Are], by Michael S.


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