Karmic Circle

Karmic Circle is a terms used by Michael Sharp to denote an individual's "sphere of influence" and therefore their concomitant sphere of responsibility (i.e., the realm within which they can be considered responsible for the manifestation of reality). For example, if you are single individual with no family responsibilities, no job, and few friends, then your karmic circle will be small. Because your intent and influence will not extend far beyond the boundaries of your own personal reality, and because your influence over the reality of other individuals will be small, your karmic circle will be small as well.

The karmic circle of an individual widens as their influence over manifested reality expands. A parent, for example, has a much wider sphere of influence, and a much greater responsibility, than a single young male. Not only are they responsible for the positive manifestation of their own life, and the life of their spouse, but they are 100 percent implicated in the manifestation of a supportive and nurturing environment for the children they raise. .

In an ideal society, most individuals would have a moderate karmic circle that expands as they age and become more knowledgeable and capable of supporting the creative efforts of others. In our society however, many individuals accept inordinately large karmic circles without a proper orientation and respect for the full karmic implications of their positions. In some cases, (i.e., government leaders, corporate executive, military leaders, etc.) individuals may be implicated in the life experiences of millions, or even billions, of their fellow incarnated monads.

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