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The Fool in School is an Archetype and Archetypal Constellation in the Old Energy Archetype System. The Fool in School constellations suggests that you are a royal idiot, a "fool in school" here to learn your cosmic lessons, clear your bad karma, and/or evolve from the violent ape that you really are.

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Fool in School Constellation > Fool

List of Old Energy Archetypes

Old Energy Archetypes > Fool, The Wheel


The Fool in School is a Book of Slavery constellation. The Magician in Training is the equivalent Book of Power constellation.

By suggesting you are a fool in school here to learn a cosmic/evolutionary lesson, the Fool in school constellation encourages servitude, passivity and the acceptance of the violence and toxicity that diminishes you and makes you into an appropriate vessel.

Servitude and passivity is reinforced by the Judge and Punish Constellation

The fool in school constellation consists of the old energy Fool, Magician


In the Orphic Mysteries, the "soul is therefore a fallen angel doing penance for her sins. Her ultimate aim is to be released from her chains, and recover the inheritance she has lost. How are the prison-bars to be removed? As we lost our freedom through sin, so we cannot hope to regain it until the stain is purged away. In Orphic language, the soul must be made pure."[1]. See also Purification

M. Night Shyamalan's 2016 movie "Split" is a subtle and sophisticated representation of the Fool in School archetype. In Shyamalan's movie, to gain your full evolutionary potential, you need to suffer and be "broken." The "broken" (i.e. those damaged by Toxic Socialization to the point of beastly violence) are the ones who are pure of heart. They have special powers that allow them to "be whatever they think themselves to be." The rest will "never realize their full potential" and are consequently "sacred food" for the more evolved ones. In this movie, Shylaman encourages acceptance of the notion that violence and hardship are the "lessons" that create better humans.

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