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As above in consciousness, so below in_matter

First Creation

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Second Creation

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Third Creation

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Fourth Creation

Earth with a capital "E" is the Gnostic/Hermetic term for the Physical Universe.

The term earth with a small "e" may also be used to refer to this planet. It should be noted that this earth is the only planet we have and if we let those who worship Power, Wealth, and Ego continue to undermine its capacity to sustain human life then rich or poor, black or white, male or female, young or old, we're all going to start dying as a result.

Keep in mind, even if space aliens do exist, there are not enough resources in the galaxy to make it possible to transport 7 billion people off this world. Not only that, but life space is rare, currently fully occupied, and always carefully (because of their rarity) protected and guarded. If you think the people of another planet are going to give the life form that destroyed this planet (i.e. humans) the opportunity to come to their precious, rare, and beautifully maintained planets and destroy it, you have been profoundly misled. Similarly if you think God is going to save a few of us because he "likes" some of his children more than others, you structures of self esteem and ego have damaged and you are disqualified from candidacy as a result.

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