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The term Crown Activator is a phrase used to describe the action of Entheogens, Shamanic Practices, or meditative ritual and visualization on the Crown Chakra of the human body. According to Dr. Sharp, mind-expanding drugs, such as Marijuana, LSD, Psilocybin, and Shamanic rituals (which often use entheogens in combination with dance, trance dance, drumming, etc.), function to open the Crown Chakra (whose energies are manifested in the physical world as the Central Nervous System) and prepare it for the descent of consciousness into the Physical Unit.

Crown activation via the use of substance or technology should always be considered a therapeutic response to the sub-optimal, even damaging, Socialization process characteristic of this earth. Sub-optimal and damaging planetary socialization practices include, to a greater or lesser extent, physical violence, emotional violence, verbal violence, the imposition of hierarchical models of being, the encoding (into the collective consciousness) of archetypes that separate and suppress consciousness, the encoding of archetypes that justify extant conditions, etc. As such, crown activation involves the progressive, therapeutic confrontation with the biological, psychodynamic, perinatal, and transpersonal pathologies imposed on the Physical Unit by The System of this earth. In other words, on this earth, full crown activation involves the “cleansing” of the neural pathways of the Physical Unit. As the process advances, consciousness “expands” into the physical unit.

The term crown activator can be used interchangeably with the words hallucinogen (aimless wandering), entheogen (becoming divine within), psychoactive, psycholytic, holotropic (Grof, 1975), psychointegrator (Winkelman, 2001), psychotomimetic (inducing psychosis), and "psychedelic" (revealing the soul). However, because of its explicit inclusion of alternative practices (i.e., meditation) and the explicit link it makes between the neurological action of the drugs and the Crown Chakra, it is a superior term.

Although crown activation, whether through the ingestion of psychedelic substances or through the use of spiritual technologies like meditation and visualization, is widely considered to have remarkably beneficial and transformative effects, there is a recognition in Transpersonal Psychology of the possibility of Spiritual Emergency. Spiritual emergencies can be mitigated and/or avoided by careful attention to Set and Setting and (more importantly) by cultivating Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment.

Under healthy developmental conditions, (conditions that currently do not exist on this planet but towards which we are rapidly moving), crown activation is something that occurs as a natural outcome of healthy development and socialization. Therefore, as the conditions on this planet improve as a result of the general awakening of this planet (Sharp, 2007; 2003), we can expect that Spontaneous Crown Activation will occur with increasing frequency in all countries of the world and may amount to a planetary wide spiritual emergency. Successfully managing the spontaneous activation of this planet will require, within the next few years, revolutionary advances in our psychological, sociological, and spiritual understanding of human life.

For a more detailed discussion of Crown Activators, including a discussion of effects and benefits, please see the SpiritWiki pages on Crown Activation, Entheogens, and Meditation.


Crown Activators can be organized according to the strength and duration of their initial action. However, as the Physical Unit is healed of it's spiritual pathologies, smaller and smaller doses can lead to even the highest levels of Crown Activation (i.e., transcendent and/or transpersonal experiences). In descending order from most potent to least potent we have:

*Marijuana (primarily psycholytic actions below this)
*Meditation (e.g., The Great Invocation)


It should be noted that Crown Activation is only the first step in the process of Spiritual Maturation of the Physical Unit. It is of the utmost importance that the individual physical unit not call a halt, as often happens, to spiritual development at the point of crown opening. Touching the The Fabric is only the first step in a longer process of full chakra activation, empowerment, and grounding (Sharp, 2004).

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