Connection Catastrophe

A Connection Catastrophe is any profoundly negative outcome that arises as a result of Connection.

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If an individual self stupefies or commits suicide because they cannot handle the guilt and shame that arises when awareness increases, this is a spiritual catastrophe.

The probability of catastrophic reaction to connection increases and decreases depending on several key factors, including the level of guilt and shame, the state of the individual’s family life, the state of the community they live in, the state of the world that surrounds them, and so on. For example, an individual who is filled with guilt and shame and who suddenly becomes aware of painful caches and their sources may engage in suicidal actions to flee from the guilt and shame. Similarly, somebody who suddenly wakes up to the reality that they have been violently oppressed by society and/or those that surround may, if they suffer from mental illness, snap and lash out at others. If we, as a society and a planet, want to reduce the incidence of catastrophe and violence as a result of forced connection, we have to work hard to provide increased levels of care, love, empathy, compassion, nurturing, care, and protective support.