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(Boundary Creation of the Meniscus of Consciousness. Causes: ARMs, energetic/social/political environment of planet. Analogy)
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Boundary Creation

The so called "meniscus" in a water droplet for instance is caused by forces between the molecules. The phenomenon is called surface tension and occurs due to the lack of force on the outer layers of the molecules. A molecule towards the center of the water droplet is exerted a net force of 0, because it is equally pulled in all directions simultaneously. At the outer edges of the water droplet, molecules are pulled towards the center of the droplet, because no molecules exist that would pull them in the other direction.(because the droplet ends there..) Thus, a spherical form emerges. The force created by the same types of molecules is called cohesion. (force internal to the droplet) The force created by different types of molecules is called adhesion. (Force between the droplet and the material it lies/flies on/in.) The relation between adhesive and cohesive forces determines the form of the droplet, and how much of the droplet wets the surrounding material. The greater adhesion in relation to cohesion is, the easier interpenetration of the molecules become.

The creation of the meniscus in a water droplet is, astonishingly enough, quite similar to the creation of the Meniscus of Consciousness.

The Meniscus of Consciousness is created due to the existence of the Veil. To boil it down to the core, the Veil is created by your own PU in an attempt to protect itself against external or internal assault. As such, it disconnects the Physical Unit from the Fabric of Consciousness by closing the Crown Chakra. The main techniques employed by the PU are Awareness Reduction Mechanisms. This can be interpreted as cohesive forces. Another equally relevant factor contributing to the creation of the Veil is the energetic environment the planet is in. This can be interpreted as adhesive forces.

Analogously to the molecules in the droplet, so do these psychological mechanisms create a "sphere" of identity that is confined to your PU. Everything that is not interpreted by the psychological system of the PU as part of the PU is regarded by it as foreign. Being foreign, the psychological system separates itself from the "outside world", creating the cohesive forces.

The weaker the ARMs, the weaker the cohesive forces are, and the easier it is to pierce the Veil. Likewise, the "better" the energetic/social/political environment of the planet is, the stronger the adhesive forces are, leading to the same effect. Connection becomes more easy to achieve.

Thus, it is possible to alter the strenght of the Meniscus of Consciousness on a global scale, by

a) creating an environment where the PU does not need to employ ARMs constantly.

b) creating an environment that is energetically closer to the source. More love, wisdom, peace, cooperation etc.