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[[Connection Framework]] | [[Connection Techniques]] | [[Connection Challenges]] || [[Connection Experience]] | [[Connection Pathology]] | [[Connection Outcomes]]
[[Connection Framework]] | [[Connection Technique]] | [[Connection Challenge]] || [[Connection Experience]] | [[Connection Pathology]] | [[Connection Outcome]]
==[[Evolutionary Theory]]==
==[[Evolutionary Theory]]==

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Sometime in the year 2003, I had a series of powerful "mystical" experiences, or what I call Connection Experiences. At that time I had two choices. One, I could pretend they didn't exist and that I didn't have them, or I could embrace them and try and figure out WTF was going on. Since there was a certain amount of psychopathy in the first connection event, pretending it hadn't happened was an attractive option. Ultimately I didn't try to pretend them away. Instead, probably as a direct result of my doctoral level university training, I chose to investigate and explore, to try and figure out WTF was going on. This SpiritWiki is a part distillation of my (now our) fifteen year, ongoing exploration, and part textbook explication of our evolving theoretical understanding.

The textbook is organized hierarchically, with key concepts and theories on this page. To use the textbook, simply pick a topic and explore. Additional readings provide you with critical background readings, so if you are serious about Moving Forward, be sure to do those. Keep in mind, the work is still under heavy development. Concepts, principles, and linkages are still evolving, and therefore subject to change. Navigation isn't fully developed and there might be lingering soft spots and problem areas that need to be cleaned up.

Note, the SpiritWiki is an online theoretical/scholarly work in progress. At this time, all entries should be considered draft and subject to revision.

Authentic Spirituality

It became clear early on in the process that traditional spiritualities, specifically those wrapped around organized Religion, were not authentic. They were opportunistically corrupted and bent out of shape. This realization led me to think about and develop what I call Authentic Spirituality. Quite simply, Authentic Spirituality (AS) is a spirituality that connects.

There are Seven Pillars of Authentic Spirituality that you can use to assess your own spirituality.

There are Four Steps of Authentic Spirituality that, generally, we must take as you move forward towards connection. These are Healing, Awakening, Activation, and finally connection, or Ascension. For more, visit the Authentic Spirituality page.


Connection Framework | Connection Technique | Connection Challenge || Connection Experience | Connection Pathology | Connection Outcome

Evolutionary Theory

The goal of evolution (yes we said goal) is to create planets with diverse ecosystems capable of supporting advanced, sentient, bipedal life that is capable of Connection and Integration.

We suggest that Planetary Evolution occurs in three broad stages, these being Stage One: Emergence, Stage Two: Expansion, and Stage Three: Integration. Each stage is broken up into three phases (primitive, intermediate, and advanced) and each stage has milestones which must be met and obstacles/challenges which must be overcome, sometimes through interventions of one sort or another. For more detail, visit our page on Evolutionary Theory.

Psychological Theory

Lightning Path psychology posits a distinction between Consciousness and the Physical Unit (i.e. body) that contains it. According to LP psychological theory, Consciousness exists sui generis, independent of, physical creation. The Physical Unit was designed as a container for Consciousness. Human Development involves nurturing and preparing the physical unit so that it can develop and maintain a strong Connection. Disconnection is a consequence of Toxic Socialization

Key concepts of LP psychological theory are outlined in the map below. You can explore these concepts in more depth by visiting this page.


Sociological Theory

Sociology is the study of the world that we create. Since the world we create is constituted by institutions, and since institutions are constituted by the relationships and actions within them, sociology is the study of institutions and the relationships that constitute these institutions, and the development of these institutions and relationships. Taken together, the sum total of all human institutions and relationships constitute The System.

Currently, The System is organized around the goal of accumulation (Sosteric, 2016). The Regime of Accumulation (ROA) is consciously designed to enrich the few while impoverishing the many. System Agents work to maintain and evolve the system.

The Regime of Accumulation consists of a Mode of Production (MOP), a Mode of Accumulation (MOA), and a Mode of Compliance (MOC). The particular constellation and MOP, MOA, and MOC provide a specific historical realization of the abstract ROA. Slavery, Feudalism and Capitalism are two distinct historical regimes in the general development of human civilization.

Evolution of sentient species pass through three stages of evolution, a primitive expansionary phase, an intermediate development phase where the modes of production, accumulation, and compliance evolve and globalize, and a final graduation phase. Graduation occurs when technology has evolved the quantum stage, the productive apparatus of a planet has reached ultimate development, and the species emancipates itself from, and transform, the System.