Fabric of Consciousness

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The Tree of Lights

The term Fabric of Consciousness is a term coined by Dr. Michael Sharp in 2003 while writing The Book of Light. The term is a non-denominational and syncretic representation of the sum total of Consciousness. As such, the the Fabric of Consciousness may refer to

The Tree of Lights is a visual representation of the Fabric of Consciousness and the trillions of instantiated Monads that make it up.

The Cabbalistic Tree of Life is an attempt to visually represent the Unfolding of Consciousness/Unfolding/Emanation of Consciousness


The Fabric of Consciousness reflects the actual Reality of Creation but note, as a reflection of that reality it provides for a non-hierarchical and authority free conceptualization of Spirit. Unlike Old Energy spiritualities which posit some kind of "executive force," The Fabric of Consciousness provides for an egalitarian representation of the creative forces of this universe. It is not simply that we are all equal in the eyes of God, it is that we are all the Eyes of God. We are are all intensification of God Light within the cosmic tapestry/fabric of Consciousness (Sharp, 2006).

Syncretic Terms

Fabric of ConsciousnessAbsolute Mind, Ain Soph, Adhi Buddha, Allah, Blazing Star, Center, Consciousness (without self-awareness), Formless, First Mover, Great Light,GodHead, Hunab Ku, Immortal Spirit, Mind at Large, Nirguna Brahman, Oversoul, Para Brahman, Primum Mobile, Spirit, the Supreme, The Old One, the Ultimate Supreme, Great Breath, and Wuji..

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