Ascended Spiritual Master

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An Ascended Spiritual Master is a Spiritual Master that has overcome the oppression of the physical body and now stands with the mind of the Physical Unit fully connected, and the Energy System fully activated. In other words, an ascended spiritual master is a spiritual master who has attained high levels of consciousness (i.e. high CQ and strong and consistent connection.

On this planet ascended spiritual masters come as Spiritual Emissaries. Spiritual emissaries are simply spiritual masters who are fully conscious of reality and fully awake to their mission which is to help the planet Awaken, Activate,] and Ascend. Ascended Spiritual Masters are individuals who are full possession of their creative powers and who use these powers to achieve the goal they incarnated to achieve which is to awaken (emancipate) the mind, activate the body, and ascend the individual (and this planet) to higher consciousness. Ascended Spiritual Masters help people reconnect pure and simple.

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