Toxic Socialization Process

Toxic Socialization Process is a socialization process that does not aim at empowerment, but at diminishing the PU.

Toxic Socialization systematically undermines the Bodily Ego. This occurs partly by attempting to implant the Fool in School Archetype into the population starting from age zero. In case the child/adolescent resists, all sorts of "corrective" measures are implemented to safeguard the acquisition of the Fool in School.

Toxic Socialization disregards and thwarts the fulfillment of the Seven Essential Needs.

It is responsible for implementing Old Energy Creation Templates into the Archetypal Fabric of the planet.

Toxic Socialization is the kind of socialization that utilizes physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual assault. It results in a low CQ. This, in turn, can only occur due to the use of Awareness Reduction Mechanisms. In order to protect itself from ongoing assault, the PU tries to reduce its awareness of the realities it finds itself in.

Relation to Defense Mechanisms

Constant assault, inducing permanent fear, fracture of attachments and sowing social disunity and distrust turn the PU into a mere shadow of its true Light. Toxic Socialization Process makes use of the innate Defense Mechanisms humans are equipped with. Inducing fear, for instance, puts the PU into Survival Mode. If kept for a long time, this mode has deleterious effects on the psychological, emotional and physical state of the PU.