Nam Shé

Nam Shé is a Buddhist concept syncretic with the LP term Fabric of Consciousness

Syncretic Terms

Fabric of Consciousness > Absolute Mind, Adhi Buddha, Ain Soph Aur, Al-Haqq, Allah, Ancient One, Blazing Star, Brahman, Brahmic Splendor, Crown, Divine Fire, First Mover, Formless, God, GodHead, Govinda, Great Being, Great Breath, Great Light, Great Self, Guardian Angel, Immortal Spirit, Ineffable Light, Kether, Mind at Large, Nam Shé, Nirguna Brahman, Nondual God, Nonlocal Mind, Oversoul, Primal Self, Primum Mobile, Purusha, Realms of Consciousness, Simurg, Spirit, Supreme, Supreme Spirit, The Dreaming, The Lord, The Old One, The One, The Power and the Glory, Unconsciousness, Universal Being, Universal Deity, Wakan Tanka, Wuji

Related Terms

La, Nu Shug, Saug

Buddhist Terms

La, Nam Shé, Nirvana, Nu Shug, Shambhala


The pau (Tibetan Shamans) "...maintain that there is only one soul, the nam shé [nam çes]. As a Buddhist concept, the nam shé is consciousness in a very wide sense; it has a number of constituent parts, including the la [bla] and saug [srog], but is not conceived as a soul. Still, because the nam shé is immortal, the pau liken it to the atma (Sanskrit) of Hinduism; that is to say, they see it as a soul. Thus the la and the saug would appear to be soul parts, but this is difficult to state definitively."[1]

The Nam Shé is made up of constituent parts, the la and the saug.


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