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A Creative Position is a general orientation towards towards Creation.

You can understand what a creative position by using the Potter's Metaphor. In pre-watershed Creation, we (and by "we" I mean Immortal Spirit) had only one creative position, and that was seated on the chair, working the wheel. We might call this single, pre-watershed position the Potter’s Position. From the potter’s position the process of creation is simple; we operate on the object of creation (i.e. the clay) from the outside looking in.

In post-watershed creation a new creative position emerges, the position from within the clay. When Spirit entered into The Water, Spirit began to operate on creation from within. If you imagine the potter at the wheel, this would be exactly like a part of the potter's consciousness splitting off from his head, suddenly entering into the clay, and the clay starting to move and form from the inside as consciousness pushed and shoved things around.

Significant Creative Positions

  • Potter's Position
  • Inside Position
  • Outside Position

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Further Reading

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