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Blindfold Tweakers are individuals who have managed, whether through prayer, meditation, or Entheogen use, to partially (and temporarily) remove the Blindfold in order to get a glimpse of themselves, the world, Consciousness, and the true nature of reality. Owing largely to unresolved childhood or past life trauma, unprocessed fears, and what have you, tweakers only manage single experiences of a very brief nature. These experiences are not deep enough to propel them forward in the awakening process, nor are they wide enough to provide them with significant spiritual wisdom, but they are enough to allow them to fool others about their own spiritual insights and wisdom.

Tweakers often present, to the Blindfolded, a convincing appearance of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. Students traveling an authentic spiritual path can easily identify tweakers by their cliched and/or meaningless turns of phrase, over complicated cosmological explanations, extensive use of EPMO, and overemphasis on a few spiritual ideas (like "oneness" or "now") to the exclusion of philosophical and cosmological breadth and depth.

The only known cure for tweaking is for the tweaker to come face to face with the limited and incomplete nature of their glimpses. Such a confrontation can, when handled poorly, be a traumatic slap to the Bodily Ego; but it is a necessary precursor to continued forward movement. Protecting the ego of the tweaker only guarantees their ultimate failure. Unfortunately, tweakers, because of the dazzling way they can present their limited spiritual glimpses, often develop large followings of Blindfolded physical units. The Circle of Appearances they create effectively protect them from realizing their vacuous status and confronting their fears and issues. This often results in permanent cut off from more substantial and authentic spiritual insights.

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