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Big Questions are the ultimate, existential questions of our being and our cosmology. Big Questions are existential or spiritual questions of existence, purpose, place, and so on. The Big Three big questions are:

To these Big Three we might add any number of "smaller big" questions, including .

  • What is the nature of God//[[Consciousness]?
  • What is the nature of the cosmos/creation.
  • What was the path we took to get here.



Who am I? You are God incarnated in a Physical Unit

Where did I come from? You and all of Creation emanated from Consciousness

What is my purpose? You are here to ascend/evolve the Physical Unit, one planet at a time.

Under conditions of "normal consciousness", big questions are often answered by institutions setup specifically to provide them (e.g. Religion.) That is, when the individual physical unit is not Connected to the Fabric of Consciousness, organizations may arise that provide choreographed answers to these critical questions of identity and origin.

Under ideal circumstances, individuals will find a supportive social fabric that provides Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment with a view towards encouraging inner exploration, authentic Connection, and personal discovery of core spiritual truths, and our shared spiritual heritage.

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